Sony Concerned with Being the Best, Not First

Many would assume that Sony would have learned their lesson after what happened when the PlayStation 3 released in 2006. By November, 2006, the Xbox 360 already had a year head start into the market. This headset ended up dampening the excitement of the North American release, and proved to be a difficult mountain to climb for Sony and their newly released console. However, given a recent interview, it appears that Sony is not at all concerned with timing, and is primarily concerned with the overall quality of their system.

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Sony Talks Lack of PS4 News

Even if Sony has been quiet, it is clear that they are gearing up towards the release of the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4. This year’s E3 conference was void of any news relating to the successor. Don’t fret, Sony understands your confusion, and they tell us why.

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Who Lost E3? Gamers

As this year’s E3 conference wraps up, the internet is abuzz with reactions, confusion, and some hostility over the abysmal showing of not only Sony, but Microsoft and Nintendo. Typically, E3 is highlighted by the explosion of new game “megaton” announcements, media, and information. Unfortunately, history cannot always predict the future, and this year’s E3 pays homage to that saying with a lackluster performance that should not only have gamers confused, but rather, furious.
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After Three Year Hiatus… We’re Back!

What better way to cap a horrendous E3 for all three majors, then the re-opening of Everyday Playstation. Yes, it has been awhile. I’m sure you have all missed me. All kidding aside, I’m excited to get back into the game and provide you with the best PlayStation news on the ‘net!

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A little bird told me…

Hey guys, this isn’t a comeback post or anything, but a friend of mine recently asked me to promo his clan’s Killzone 2 machinima video. It is really cool, and you should ALL check it out.

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inFamous Releasing Early

Yup, that’s right. Reports have been circulating the internet that some stores are indeed, releasing one of the most anticipated PS3 titles this year, early. In fact, some of these lucky individiuals posted their findings at the GameSpot, and NeoGaf, forums. However, no reports have surfaced stating which stores, are breaking the release date.

inFamous officially releases May 26th.


PS3Mote To Be Announced At E3

For awhile now, we’ve been hearing reports about Sony’s version of the Wii remote. Now, it looks like those reports may be coming to fruition. Numerous sources have confirmed that the ‘PS3Mote’ will be officially announced by Sony, at this years E3. This is supposed to be Sony’s counter to Nintendo’s highly popular Wiimote.