Even if Sony has been quiet, it is clear that they are gearing up towards the release of the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4. This year’s E3 conference was void of any news relating to the successor. Don’t fret, Sony understands your confusion, and they tell us why.

Speaking to GTTV, Sony’s senior vice president Scott Rohde explained the company’s reasoning behind not revealing anything about the PlayStation 4:

It was just something we didn’t feel was important to bring up this year. We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time that didn’t get it, right? We always have so much to talk about that we felt we didn’t need to talk about that just yet.

Additionally, Rohde made it clear that the company understands the growing length of the console lifecycle, and as a result, isn’t pressured into divulging too much information early on.

Believe it or not, PlayStation 2 still sells well in some parts of the world, so we’re still supporting that to a degree. It’s the way this company is set up – to handle those sorts of things – so it’s not something we’re concerned about.

While it is still surprising that the PlayStation 2 is still selling in some parts of the world, is amazing. But his logic makes sense. As we near the end of the PlayStation 3’s lifecycle, and as we inch towards the PlayStation 4’s release, it would be nice just to have some information on it already!