As many of you may or may not know, Swine Flu is taking many of the news headlines recently. As the disease continues to spread, what is the future of this year’s gaming conventions?

So far, there has been no announcements from organizers of E3, GC or TGS. So, I believe it is safe to assume that the events will go on, without much trouble.

However, there must be some caution moving forward. Rumors have been circulating the internet, arousing suspicion that this year’s E3 will be significantly decreased, even more, in an effort to maintain public safety. Or, perhaps the ESA will cancel the public tickets for the show; and allow the journalists to proceed with their own discretion.

Gaming conventions are a mess of gamers and journalists, each pushing their way through each other, using controllers hundreds of other people have touched. There is a huge chance of an possible outbreak. A number of Swine Flu cases have been reported in California. As of this writing, 13 cases have been diagnosed.

The Swine Flu madness is not as abundant in Europe and Japan, as it is in North America. With the Games Convention taking place in Germany, and the Tokyo Games Convention taking place, well, obviously Tokyo, the sense of danger isn’t as high as it is in North America. However, journalists from all over the world attend these events, and there is always a possibility of these journalists getting contaminated, and subsequently bringing the virus back into their home country-which may still be ‘clean’ of the Swine Flu. The organizers of these events must take note of this, and should take all steps necessary to prevent a global problem.

However, not all is doom and gloom. There still is no official announcement regarding the closure of these gaming conventions. And besides, the situation isn’t as bad as it seems, as the media always over dramatizes any situation beyond belief. Until then, let’s all relax and enjoy the surprises these conventions will bring; both good and bad.