It looks like Insomniac will be the latest company to offer support for Playstation HOME. CydoniaX, the US Home Community Manager, has posted on the PS Boards, asking fans to give their opinion on upcoming Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance HOME spaces! She is beckoning for ideas, no matter how weird they are.

Hi Home community members,

I need your ideas! We’re in talks with Insomniac to create these spaces for Home and they would really like to know what YOU want to see in there.

Think: virtual items related to the space, unlockables for Home when playing the game, interactive elements, space features.

Go nuts! The more specific your ideas the better, like if you want to see Chimera costumes or Nathan Hale’s clothing, let us know!

I’ll be compiling your feedback for the Insomniac developers.