A poster on the NeoGaf forums has posted the first information about MAG. The highlights include primary and secondary squad based objectives, customizable face, gear and voice, attainable perks/weapons/leadership abilities and a planned fall release. Click the jump for more!

-2 to 256 Players
-‘hopes’ for 30FPS when all the action is going down at all times
-Dedicated servers with new network architectures to help reduce lag
-Streamline matches to reduce need to wait.
-All audio cues (planes flying by, air raid sirens) are actual players causing it or player triggered actions. This can happen in other regions and you can hear in distance.
-PunkBuster quality cheating detection. System tests for things like rate of fire/movement/damage to keep things in check
-First Person view (better sense of scale and immersion into game)
-20 years in future, 3 major PMCs bid for war. The power struggle of these 3 dubbed Shadow War
3 Factions, only 2 announced now: Raven(high tech weapons, most trained soldiers on planet. Will appeal to Halo/Resistances fans). Sver(fierce fighters from middle east/central Asia area. Battle harden warriors)
-256 Domination mode. Attackers and defenders. Out layer of defense and inner layer. Once gone through the out layer ‘hell breaks loose’. Anti-aircraft and radar are vulnerable. If your faction wins alot it gets the contract for that game mode and gets XP bonuses and perks.
-3 other game modes: Acquisition(128 player escort-style mode. Steal 2 prototype armored transports and bring to extraction zone). Sabotage(64player, control 2 points for X time then a demolition objective is revealed which must be destroyed). Suppression(64 player team deathmatch)
-Customize face, voice, armor.
-No soldier class system, but has a free-form kit creation. Can save 3 different load-outs. Depending on your choice of weapons, it can be told by looking at you so others can tell. Change your load-out to match how the battle is going.
-Snipers can get more than normal XP for killing people in designated areas of importance
-Ranking up gives access to new weapons/perks/leadership positions.
-Recognizes issues with large scale maps and the traveling.

-8 player into a squad, 4 squads into a platoon, 4 platoons into a company (US Military)
-Certain goals for each squad/platoon etc. Have 2ndary goals like blowing bridges.
-Veteran ranks can enlist into leadership roles, give orders to squad, then platoon, then the company(OIC)
-Officer only communication channel to help organize the battle