Here is the trophy guide for Flower.

Memories – Bronze Trophy
Don’t do anything for 3 minutes
Leave the controller alone. Soon, it’ll come to a screensaver. Do nothing for 3 minutes.

Palete – Bronze Trophy
‘Paint’ the ground with different colors
In level 2, there is an open field with rocks. Bloom all the fields and a wind path will reveal, fly into that, and it’ll change your petal to ‘paint’ the grass.

Wind – Bronze Trophy
Ride the windmills 7 times
In level 3, activate the windmills, then fly into them 7 times.

Illumination – Bronze Trophy
Light a darkened pool
In level 4, when your petal is glowing, fly into the darkened pool in the ground.

Pure – Bronze Trophy
Get to the city without getting shocked
In level 5, complete the level without getting electrocuted. Your best bet is to have very few petals so it is easier to maneuver.

Stars – Bronze Trophy
Bloom all the flowers in the credits level
In the credits level, release all the names by blooming all the flowers.

fl0w – Bronze Trophy
Maneuver your way, in level 4, to the secret area in the caverns
In level 4, in the wind canyon, try to stay to the right. If you went the right way, you’ll see the character from fl0w.

Nature – Silver Trophy
Bloom 10,000 flowers
Bloom 10,000 flowers. It is easier than you think.

Urban – Silver Trophy
Awaken the city
In level 6, make all the areas grassy. There’ll be areas with playgrounds, and you’ll need to bloom all the flowers in those areas.

Dream – Gold Trophy
Collect all the secret flowers
Collect all the secret flowers.

-Secret Trophies-

Welcome Back – Bronze Trophy
Play the game after a week break
Don’t play the game for a week. Or, just change the time settings in your PS3.

Healthy Play – Bronze Trophy
Take a 10 minute break between any dreams
Take a 10 minute break between any dreams.

Beginning – Bronze Trophy
Find 3 secret flowers in any level
Find 3 secret flowers in any level.

Discovery – Bronze Trophy
Find and bloom a secret flower
Find and bloom a secret flower.