When Flower released for the PSN, many people claimed it was more art, rather than game. Those claims couldn’t be more true, as Flower is a painting come to life. But does it play as good as it looks?

The basic premise of Flower is that you are the wind, and you move around varied environments, collecting flower petals, and subsequently change the environment. The remarkable thing about Flower is the change you’ll encounter. Aside from the first level, your actions will drastically change the dreary environment into a beautiful one. The great thing in Flower is that there is no time limit, no true objectives and no enemies. You are free to do anything, whenever you want. And that’s what separates Flower from it’s competitors; you can just sit back, relax, and play.

However, if there is one thing that detracts from the game, it is the clunky controls. Flower makes use of the SixAxis controls. While this is easily the best game to date to utilize the controls, occasionally the game becomes tough to maneuver your way through the landscape. Unfortunately, this detracts from the experience thatgamecompany wanted with Flower

One of the best PSN exclusive titles to date, Flower definitely is worth a buy. The environments in which you play in encompass a variety of lush colors and beautiful detail. Playing in 1080p will make your jaw drop. With no clear goals, Flower is a fun, yet relaxing game that you can play whenever. However, the clunky controls detract from the serene experience; which is a shame. For all you trophy whores, Flower has 14 trophies, all of which are relatively easy.

Aside from the control issue, Flower is a game you cannot miss. It is a painting come to life. With it’s breathtaking graphics and laid back gameplay, Flower is a must have.

Final Score: 9.0/10