Killzone 2 has easily claimed the most hyped title for gaming recently. Gamers had crazy expectations for this title, and the pre-release reviews praised it highly. Now that is has been officially released in every territory, the gamers got to see how the game lived up to the hype. They found out however, that instead of living up the hype, for many, it surpassed it.

Killzone 2 is set in a futuristic sci-fi environment. There are two factions, the Helghast and the ISA. While the Helghast are ruled by a ruthless leader named Visari, the ISA is a regular functioning human culture. After the Helghast invaded Vektan, the ISA pushed back and invaded Helghan. The story begins here. You are Sev, an ISA solider on the Alpha squad, sent to help find Visari.

There are a number of environments that you find yourself fighting in throughout the campaign. If you played the demo, the first actual level you will be thrown into is the same one. You fly down to a beach and instantly begin fighting the Helghast soldiers. The environment reacts all around you, with explosions going off, Helghast shooting at you left and right, and your comrades getting mortally wounded. As you progress into farther levels, the battle scale changes, and you find yourself thrown into situations where you have to fight hundreds of Helghast with a tank or a big exoskeleton.


The multiplayer of Killzone 2 is excellent. The size of the battles, the depth of the classes, and the never ending action all contribute to making this the best online experience we have seen so far. There are 7 classes in Killzone 2, ranging from the standard soldier to the scout class. Starting with the soldier, you progress to unlock certain classes, badges, and abilities to help aid you during battle. These can range from deploying turrets and throwing medpacks to laying spawn points and disguising yourself as the enemy. The multiplayer is fast paced and quickly grows on you. Ranking up is not as difficult as it may sound, but don’t mistake this game as being easy either. A very useful thing that Guerilla games has implemented into Killzone 2 is the bot mode, where you can hone your skills and learn the maps by playing computer AI controlled characters at different difficulties.


Killzone 2 does not try to be your standard cookie cutter FPS. It focuses on realism and deep gameplay, both of which this game does extremely well, and better than anything we have ever seen before. KZ2 makes you feel like you are in a warzone at all times, both online and offline, by constantly keeping the action going. Whether you are getting shot by the AI or your best friend, you will be having a blast playing this game. Killzone 2 has lived past the hype in all aspects. It is certainly the most beautiful game available, and won’t be rivaled for some time. The actual warzone feel, the realism, and the beauty of this game allow it to be the best current game available across any platform.


-Credit to Guitarrassdeamor