With the recent announcement of a playable 4-D Killzone 2 gameplay segment, one must begin to think about the upcoming onslaught of 3-D games. But questions must be asked: Will 3-D games ever take off? Or perhaps more important, are gamers ready for 3-D games?

Although 3-D technology in film as been around for some time, recent advancements in the peripherals and technology have allowed it to take off again. With movies such as My Bloody Valentine 3-D, or the upcoming Pixar film, Up.

Videogames today, whether it be Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5, or Metal Gear Solid 4, are beginning to approach photo realism. To those of you who are ill informed, photo realism just means that you cannot differentiate whether or not it is real or a video game. With games like Killzone 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, gamers today are experiencing something never before seen. A cinematic experience with a compelling storyline, personable characters and life-like graphics.

Now it is common knowledge that gamers are always craving the newest technology. Whether it be the unreleased game, or the next console. The next logical step in video games is 3-D. But this step is quite a mighty one. For 3-D will complete revolutionize the way gamers see and play there games.

Just think of the possibilities! For horror games, in a moment of suspense, something can ‘jump’ out of the screen and scare you straight! Or in Madden, you are playing the receiver, and the ball ‘comes’ out of the TV, and you catch it.

With new or breakthrough technology, there always becomes a price. The peripherals needed to play 3-D games would be costly. Not to mention, the 3-D ability alone would drive the game price up. And with the next generation of games probably set for $70, any unnecessary expenses would be unappreciated.

With the aforementioned thoughts and facts, I’ll end this editorial with a moment of solace. Let us enjoy the games that we have right now…Because, whether you like it or not, 3-D technology is coming. Get ready!