The second live Q&A Killzone 2 session was hosted on the Playstation Blog today. This time, Jeff Rubenstein was joined with Jan-Bart Van Beek and Geert Donker, both of whom worked on the recent advertisement. But, just recently announced, there’ll be an application in which you can, in real time, view and manipulate the world, featured in the new Killzone 2 ad. This is what Jan-Bart Van Beek said about it :

So here’s what we got planned for the 4d version. You will be able to slow down time and also rotate the camera around the bullet. There are also some additional special features.
Like being able to watch the defered rendering engine at work

And when asked whether or not the 4-D application would come in the form of DLC or a non-Killzone 2 download, this is what he had to say :

You can play it without the KZ2 disc. It will just be a stand-alone app…so it’s not like DLC that way

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