The Burnout team have been great to us over the last 12 months with a number of fantastic free updates that a lot of companies wouldn’t dream of doing. But there comes a time when they want more money out of us – and who can blame them?

Their first premium DLC was released onto the PS store last Thursday, this was the party pack something that will be familiar to fans of the EA Skate series. Now the much anticipated ‘Legendary cars’ pack is now available…but it will cost you.

The picture above shows the Jansen 88 special, probably the most anticipated car in the new pack. The Jansen 88 is stands out from the rest of the pack as this car features hover mode! With a simple press on L3 the wheels will bend inwards and the car will take to the air cool right? The Jansen 88 special is also unique with its boost, when you hold down X and look behind you’ll see flames on the road, cool right?

The legendary cars pack also includes the Hunter Manhattan Spirit the design is clearly taken from the Ghostbusters TV series. The Hunter Manhattan Spirit has the ability to turn on and off its sirens with the press of L3. The hunter Cavarlry Bootlegger is the third car in the pack, its a faster, stronger version of the original Hunter Cavarly and it has a horn. The Carson GT Nighthawk also now equipped with sirens.

The new pack adds a small amount to the already giant paradise city, not to mention some new trophies, but at £6.29/$7.99 it isn’t really value for money.

Rating: 6/10

Thanks to MatthewSFC