In the latest issue of Playstation 3 Magazine, the first details emerge about EA’s upcoming action adventure, Dante’s Inferno. The magazine reports that the game is a mixture of elements of Dead Space and God of War. If you have played any of these two games, you’ll know that they are both phenomenal in their respective genres.

CVG has printed some of the article detailing the gameplay: “Button-for-button the controls are identical to GOW’s – from using the right stick to evade, to regular and heavy attacks being mapped to Square and Triangle. Holding R1 and pressing Square lets you knock enemies into the air Devil May Cry-style and keep them hovering with a volley of rapid, light attacks,” and “Combos are easily strung together by simple presses of the light and heavy attack buttons”.

Although the article didn’t hint towards any release date, Dante’s Inferno does have a planned release date of 2009.