On the GameTrailers forums, Associate Editor, Daniel Bloodworth, has teased the unveiling of information regarding a PS3 exclusive title. Within hours GameTrailers will be releasing information, and EDPS will bring you the news as soon as we get it.


Yesterday I had the privilege to head over to Naughty Dog to get a good look at Uncharted 2, and to my surprise their offices are literally right across the street from GameTrailers. They gave an hour and a half presentation covering just about every aspect of the game. It was mostly talking and power point, but they did play through a small section and show us some behind-the-scenes footage that may not ever be made available to the public. I did an interview with one of the directors there, but we weren’t allowed to shoot anything else so welcome to my mega-blog.

Check it out for yourself, if the blog hasn’t already crashed.

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