When EA first released Skate, it completely revolutionized the Skateboarding genre. For years Tony Hawk had been dominating the scene, but in recent memory the games had been getting very repetitive and dull. Thankfully, EA brought fresh air into the genre. This years iteration has definitely improved upon the original Skate.

The storyline of Skate 2 is quite simple. You finally get out of jail, and when you return to your home turf, you find its been overrun by MongoCorp. MongoCorp. dominates downtown. All the old rails and spots have been ‘tagged’, making it impossible to skate it. Not to mention the intense security patrolling MongoCorp. The game revolves around you getting more publicity and reviving the skate scene within San Vanelona.

If you ever played Skate, you’ll know the game revolves around the “Flickit” system. Which means to jump (ollie) you use the right analong stick. Skate 2 uses the same systems, and has a few more tricks available. Also, EA has allowed to you get off your board this year! You can walk around, or you can move ramps, benches, trashcans, pretty much anything, and create the sickest line imaginable.

Whenever you bail or mess up a trick, the character will appropriately flail about, sliding across the asphalt, into a car, or anything. EA this year, has added a system called the Hall of Meat, which gives points relative to the amount of injuries you received. The system is pretty fleshed out, with many objectives and goals you can attain.

Alongside the career portion of the game, the online mode is nothing to write away about. Similar to Burnout, there are 150 freeskate activities you can participate in. If that isn’t enough, any video or picture you do in singleplayer, can immediately be uploaded onto the EA servers. People can view and vote accordingly to your videos or pictures.

Skate 2 is an impressive game, no doubt. But besides the Hall of Meat addition, there isn’t really much to differentiate it from last years game. Still, skating in San Vanelona hasn’t never been this fun.