Dylan Cuthbert reported on the PS blog today that Q-Games is releasing a patch for PixelJunkEden to make the game more easier, and accessible for gamers.

As you move through the gardens, you’ll encounter more and more interesting ideas and concepts. In order to help people having trouble right at the beginning, we’ve changed the large crystals so they replenish a whole half of your oscillator (time) meter. Even if you run out of time, we allow you to continue from the last Spectra you collected. To preserve the pride of those who gained trophies without continues though, the ‘garden complete’ trophy is only available if you don’t use the continue system. You don’t need trophies to move forward into the game and explore new gardens, so dive in and try out some of the crazy stuff we put in the game (such as the infamous Garden 7 with its rotating gravity).

That wasn’t the only news Dylan had to share. He also stated that a new expansion pack titled, Encore, will be releasing in the following months.